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Nato il: 8 Ottobre 1991 in Münsingen cantone della Svizzera.

GP3 Series 2012 Patric Niederhauser is now making the most of the experience he gained in Formula Abarth as he competed in the GP3 Series. Because of the simplified technical aspects and the nature of the races, GP3, although sometimes overlooked by those who are not experts, offers drivers a great opportunity to clearly demonstrate their race craft and ability behind the wheel. Anyone capable of getting on the podium in this category can expect to move on to success in the higher levels of motorsport. In his first year in GP3, Patric has already demonstrated his talent, with podium finishes in the last four races.

Achievements in the GP3 Series (current as of September 2012)
1st in Race 2 at Valencia
1st in Race 1 at Hockenheim
2nd in Race 2 in Hungary
3rd in Race 2 at Silverstone
7th in the final standings of the GP3 Series 2012
In the GP3 Series, the correct tyre choice is crucial for winning, especially in poor weather. In the wet it becomes very clear who has talent and who doesn’t, as mastery of the car is only possible for those with real ability. Because the cars are technically identical, the differences in adjustments are marginal, and this makes for thrilling races with the better drivers again showing well, especially when the circuit is slippery. Patric’s outstanding strength is the ability to adapt his driving style to the conditions more effectively than his opponents can. Even in his first GP3 Series season his ability to win in adverse conditions clearly demonstrates the potential of this young man. It’s obvious that he has a brilliant future ahead of him and is predestined for Formula One.

Previous achievements
2011 1st place, Formula Abarth Italian Championship
2nd place, Formula Abarth European Championship
2010 2nd place, Formel Abarth Italian Championship
2009 2nd place, Swiss Kart Championship
2008 4th place, Swiss Kart Championship
2007 3rd place, Kart Bridgestone Cup

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